charley packham
• freelance video/film production
• producer often found in small dark rooms with guys... editing. 20. london/ bournemouth.

featuring a collection of things i
have made & things that inspire me


2 notes short film produced at the national film and television school in association with BFI 
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Our Music Video ‘Stripper’- Winner of the Media Magazine Production Competition for Best Student Music Video

0 notes my short story ‘eve’s canvas’ in the latest issue of @PIYEsocket magazine- get your copy now! (Taken with Instagram)
1 note bedroom wall
4 notes dansmacabre:

us being true photographers - proving that we’re better off behind the camera
(though Charley is a dashing model if you look in my photography)
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what a year… bring on 2012

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'this commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty.’

fotoshop by adobé